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Petroleum Products

Light End; LPG; Gasoline and Naphta and Diesel Heavy Ends; Bitumen, VGO and Fuel Oil Feedstocks; Crude, Fuel Oil Feedstocks Base Oils; SN100, SN150, SN350 and SN500


Aromatics; Benzene, Toluene, Xylenes and Para-xylene – Polymers; Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) ——————————————–


Aluminium, Antimony, Copper, Zinc, Tin and Magnesium



DAP 18-46-0 (Diammonium Phosphate), AS (%21 Ammonium Sulphate), NP 20-20 and UREA %46 N





We are supplying chemicals to various applications all around the World.

We are continuously growing with the quantities we are supplying. We are both sourcing and supplying the products listed below together with our partners.


Personal Protection Equipments

Dräger; Head protection, Respiratory protective equipment, Masks and filters, Body protection / protective clothing Uvex; Safety Helmets, Safety Glasses, Hearing Protection, Breathing Protection, Safety Gloves, Safety Footwear, Individual PPE, Workwear


UK TRG International Petroleum Limited is a privately owned commodity trading company operated through Istanbul headquarters and the London branch office.

We are specialized in the trading of the full range of Petroleum products, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Refined Metals, Personal Protection Equipments. Our business model ensures sourcing, storing, and delivering physical commodities reliably, efficiently, and responsibly anywhere in the World.

Our team has comprehensive backgrounds in mining, energy, metallurgy, agriculture, and finance. We add value to the global trade in natural resources with exceptional service and performance across the supply chain in a sustainable and responsible manner.

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We provide a suite of world-class financial and commercial services to our business partners on commodities, logistics, risk management and trade finance by an ethical framework.               

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