Heavy Ends

UK TRG’s heavy petroleum products desk is active in the trading different types of Bitumen, Fuel Oil and Vacuum Gasoil. We source from Azerbaijan, Iraq and supply to the Black and Mediterranean Sea region.
* Bitumen
– Penetration 50/70
– Penetration 70/100


Bitumen is a black, semi-solid or liquid substance with high viscosity produced by the non-destructive distillation of crude oil during petroleum refining. The core industry using bitumen is road construction (asphalt) and another significant field is the building industry (roofing membranes, water-proofing felts).


Vacuum gas oil (VGO) is a key feedstock for fluid catalytic crackers used to make transportation fuels and many other by-products.
VGO treating and conversion technologies can produce a wide range of diesel/gasoline ratios while meeting stringent product specifications. Feedstock blends of VGO and deasphalted oil, coker gas oils and residue hydroprocessing products can also be effectively upgraded to further increase net fuel oil conversion.

Fuel Oil

Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) or Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (LSFO), this type of marine fuel contains less sulphur and therefore complies with the IMO 2020 regulations. Usually these are marine fuel types IFO 180 or IFO 380, which have been desulfurized.

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) are mainly used as marine fuel, and HFO is the most widely used marine fuel at this time; virtually all medium and low-speed marine diesel engines are designed for heavy fuel oil. But older steam locomotives and oil-fired power plants also generate energy from heavy fuel oils.