Middle Distillates


UK TRG’s middle distillates desk is active in the trading of the full range of distillates, from Jet fuel, High Sulphur Gasoil to ULSD.


Jet A-1 is the most widespread type of jet fuel globally for use in turbofan- and turboprop-powered commercial aircraft.




Marine Gasoil

Marine gasoil (MGO) describes marine fuels that consist exclusively of distillates. Distillates are all those components of crude oil that evaporate in fractional distillation and are then condensed from the gas phase into liquid fractions. Marine gasoil usually consists of a blend of various distillates.


EN 590 is the current standard for all automotive diesel fuel sold in the European Union member states and other European countries. This grade of fuel is also called ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD).