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The right personal safety equipment for every situation

Working in an industrial environment presents many dangers. Depending on the specific situation and type of work, the risks can vary greatly – making personal protection equipment an absolute necessity. Our focus is always on your safety – and for generations, industrial workers have depended on our personal protection equipment to protect their lives. No matter what kind of dangers you’re faced with, we have the right solutions and appropriate personal safety equipment to keep you safe.


Body protection / protective clothing

Workers wear personal safety equipment Dräger CPS 7900 (protective suits) while handling hazardous materials


Our reusable or disposable suits can also be worn with other Dräger PPE equipment such as full facemasks and cooling vests.






Head protection

Firefighters use Dräger HPS 3500 head protection gear


Our extensive range of state-of-the-art head protection gear offers you extreme reliability and ultimate comfort.






Respiratory protective equipment

People wearing respiratory protective equipment masks


Our respiratory protective equipment protects you from workplace hazards such as toxic substances and lack of oxygen.






Masks and filters

Workers wear Dräger X-plore 1900 face masks


Our face and breathing protection solutions include paper masks as well as half and full masks plus a range of fitting filters for all needs.






Safety eyewear

Workers wear Dräger X-pect 8300 safety eyewear in the lab

Our protective eyewear provides protection from particle matter to vapours. The X-pect 8100 series can also be worn over your own spectacles.


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